Lennox Waste


Lennox Waste Solutions provides a modern take on waste disposal, merging superior customer service with modern technology to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of hook skip bins across Melbourne.

Customers will have the opportunity to order a hook bin by talking to our friendly and helpful operations team by calling 1300 56 88 56 or conveniently order a bin 24/7 via their smartphone whenever it suits them.

All orders will be tracked by a sophisticated system that will send the customer a text message confirming their order and a text message when their Lennox Waste Bin is on route. They will have a live map with real-time traffic conditions showing the ETA for their Bin order. Think of us as the UBER of bins…!

We believe we can provide a superior customer experience by integrating technology into the ordering, delivery, invoicing and disposal of your waste. Together with our experienced Operations team, we can make the disposal of your waste safe, convenient and efficient.

About Us

Lennox Waste Solutions is an innovator in the industry. Just like Uber, we aim to deliver a convenient customer solution for their waste needs by integrating technology and superior customer service.

Based less than 15km from the CBD, our solution offers customers ordering and tracking capability on their smart phone 24/7. Our real-time tracking system will ensure the efficient delivery or swap over of various size hook bin at the time you need them.